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30 Nov
Mail from Meriday

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 17:13:24 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Mail from Meriday

[There's much I don't know about my friend Meriday Beth Komor, but a few things
become obvious very quickly - she's as herpetophillic as they come (dangerous
word choice?) and her writing has the most calm, intimate, bemused tone... 
Perhaps it comes through in this bit of mail...  -psl]

Begin forwarded message:
From: (m.b.komor)

Just discovered i'd been picked up by HERP-L, so i realized perhaps
my efforts would be of interest to a wider audience...

>From Wed Nov 30 11:16:04 1994
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 14:17:26 -0500
From: (m.b.komor)
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Re: WizWatch Waxes

In article <3b812h$>,
Gharlane of Eddore <> wrote:
>In <> P. Ford <> writes:
>> PPS Congrats to Meriday Beth.  Mike will have to change the caption on
>>     the internationally famous ascii portrait: "Grammy Meriday Beth in
>>     the Morning."

Mike has "Meriday and Velcro" in the planning stages. I've seen the rough
sketch. -Now he's going to have to come up with, "Meriday & Velcro & Majyk
& Zaphod & ..."


>I've just realized something!  NOW we know what the problem is....
>Meriday is too danged old to Do It herself, so she has to vicariously
>revel in Lizard Romance..... and THAT's why we're getting entries on
>the Private Lives of her Horny Newts.
>I mean, bird-watching is depraved and kinky enough, but publicly admitting
>to have become a voyeuristic specialist in Newt Sex?

Actually, i'm going to film them.

>Couldn't you just watch TV, like Normal Americans?

With luck, i will *put* them on tv, so "normal" Americans like you
(!) can watch...

Not much is known about iguana reproduction. They are an endangered
species, and most eggs laid in captivity do not hatch, so this is an
important area of study. Herpetoculturists/logists can perhaps learn
as much from my failures as well as successes here.

And i can highly recommend adoption as a gneet way of becoming a granny
before your time --without having to give birth! :D

I am interested in assistance with this video project. Any offers of
help, equipment loan or donation, would be gratefully appreciated!


                          _*____*                      _////___
Meriday Beth & Velcro   ~<:========---      & Majyk!   >'=========^---
                          ~*~~~~*                      ~/~\~~>~>
                                       o 0 o
                      -& the kids!   o 0 o 0 o
                                    o o 0 0 o o | & & &

..i will admit to envy regarding their copious and apparently mutually
enjoyable sex life. The fact that it only lasts for one month out of the
year lends it a little balance, however.

(With Eddorians, i understand, it's shorter.)

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