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1 Dec
Eco Depth Gauge

Date: Thu,  1 Dec 94 15:11:16 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Eco Depth Gauge

Forwarded-by: LISSY@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Abraham, Lisanne)
From: the liner notes of the CD: "Eden" by Knights of the Occasional Table

	How deep is your ecology?
Superficial: We should take good care of our planet as we would any valuable
Shallow: We have a responsibility to protect Earth's resources for our
	future generations.
Knee Deep: Earth would benefit from changes in human activity.
Hip Deep: The planet would be better of with fewer people on it.
Deep: Wilderness has a right to exist for its own sake.
Deeper: Wildlife has more right to exist on Earth than humans do.
Very Deep: Humans are too great a threat to life on Earth.  The Species
	should be phased out.
Radically Deep: Human extinction now or there won't be any "later" for
	this planet. A painless extermination is needed.
Abysmally Deep: A quick annihilation is too good for humans. A horrible,
	fatal illness from outer space is only fair.

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