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WhiteBoardness 12/5/94

Date: Tue,  6 Dec 94 11:59:12 PST
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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for December 05, 1994 <>

This item comes by way of Chuck Yerkes:

London, England:

The Bad Sex Prize, a British award for the worst
description of sex in a novel, was awarded to a
director of the auction firm Sotheby's.

Philip Hook fought off stiff competition from best-
selling novelist Jilly Cooper and conservative
politician Edwina Currie, runner-up for her novel "A
Parliamentary Affair".

The passage of Hook's book "The Stonebreakers" that
clinched his victory included the lines: "Their jaws
ground in feverish mutual mastication. Saliva and
sweat. Sweat and saliva. There was a purposeful
shedding of clothing."

The magazine The Literary Review awarded the prize.

Frankfurt, Germany:

Germany's first state-sanctioned room for heroin
addicts to inject themselves opened Friday in a
converted factory, offering fresh needles in an attempt
to stop the spread of AIDS.

Frankfurt's city health department, which wants to
persuade 150 long-term addicts to stop using heroin,
had to overcome objections from German officials who
said the "junkie room" would encourage drug abuse.

Such rooms have been set up in several European cities
to entice addicts out of squalid conditions.  In the
Netherlands, Rotterdam has set up a room near its
central train station for junkies.

A shuttle bus will take addicts to the drug room.  Next
door are a counseling office and a hostel for addicts.

Police and prosecutors have agreed to tolerate the
project as long as its users are 18 or older and
addicted but not in withdrawal or methadone programs.

They have to bring their own drugs, but fresh syringes
are supplied.

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