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6 Dec
Hot Queasine - Rack of Spam

Date: Tue,  6 Dec 94 14:35:47 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Hot Queasine - Rack of Spam

[The title really says it all, but if your imagination is so impoverished that
you need a recipe, here goes...  -psl]

Forwarded-by: Claude Ginsburg <>
Forwarded-by: (Paul Allen)

Are you tired of spending hours preparing gourmet meals?  The following
recipe for "Rack of Spam" shows how you can experience the sublime
pleasures of fine dining with almost no expenditure of time or money:


        1 can Spam
        Velveeta brand cheese


        Remove Spam from can.
        Slice the spam vertically at 1/2" intervals not quite
          all the way through.
        Spread the sliced Spam slightly and insert Velveeta in the
          openings, to taste.
        Microwave until heated through.  (Velveeta will be just at that
          delightful bubbly stage so familiar to gourmet chefs.)
        Serve with a good Merlot.


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