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7 Dec
More Spamology

Date: Wed,  7 Dec 94 12:29:55 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: More Spamology

From: <>

Such a true lover of Spam should know about Mr. Whitekeys who runs the
Fly by Night Club in Anchorage, AK. He fronts his own band, Mr.
Whitekeys and the Spamtones. He offers a free Spam entre with the
purchase of a bottle of Dom Perignion.

Hormel threatened to sue Whitekeys about ten years ago for misusing
their trademark. Whitekeys countered by publishing their letter in a
full page ad in the Anchorage Times which ridiculed Hormel mercilessly.
Hormel made no reply.

A Prairie Home Companion would not have Mr. Whitekeys and the Spamtones
on the show, despite their superlative musicianship, because Hormel was
in the midst of an ugly labor despute, evidently mistreating their
workers in true turn of the century style.

Question of the week: Did Martin Denny regularly eat Spam and pineapple?

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