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9 Dec
Jocelyn Elders

Date: Fri,  9 Dec 94 18:07:36 PST
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Subject: Jocelyn Elders

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Did everyone hear that Jocelyn Elders was just fired as the Surgeon 
General by President Clinton?  Apparently she made a 
"non-controversial" speech (this was in the words of NPR) on World AIDS 
day and was asked by a psychologist in the audience whether she felt 
masturbation should be taught as method of safe sex.  She reportedly 
replied that "masturbation is a part of human sexuality" and suggested 
that maybe it should be included in sex education.
I find this unbelievable - Clinton keeps pushing away anyone remotely 
on the left of any debate.  Elders was one of my favorite officials. 


From: "Dan ``Sparky'' Tenenbaum" <!>

Dear President Clinton,

Masturbation exists whether you or the religious-right toadies you're 
sucking up to like it or not. And there is nothing wrong with it or you'd 
be blind and have hairy palms by now.

Jocelyn Elders is almost the only person in your so-called 
"administration" with her head screwed on straight. 

Did you need to "send a message" to the Right that you can work with them 
on "Family Values"? You've failed. You've only proven to everyone once 
again that you will do absolutely anything to cozy up to the people you 
perceive have power. 

Dan Tenenbaum,
Masturbation afficionado
"When masturbation is outlawed, we'll all be outlaws." --Pee Wee Herman

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