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12 Dec
How to avoid constant tuning on stage

Date: Mon, 12 Dec 94 14:42:14 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: How to avoid constant tuning on stage

From: Nancy Mamlin <Nancy_L_MAMLIN@UMAIL.UMD.EDU>

Bill Reese wishes...

>!! Ahhhhh. I hope there is a special heaven for banjo players where fiddle
>players give them time to get into the right tuning. Better yet, a heaven
>where a banjo player can have one banjo for each tuning !!

Which reminds me of the comments of Richie Stearns (of the Horseflies) who
has two banjos, clearly marked in large letters on the head "G" and "A".  He
says that he has two of them in case one is in tune, so he can use the other
one.  :)

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