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12 Dec
The Stag & the Prince

Date: Mon, 12 Dec 94 19:28:42 PST
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Subject: The Stag & the Prince

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for December 12, 1994

Koszalin, Poland:

A Polish hunter identified only as Boguslaw P. was
involved in a freak incident when a deer he was
pursuing turned the tables and killed him.

The role reversal happened in a forest near the city of
Koszalin during a hunt organized by a local club for
foreign tourists.

Terrified by the noise of the approaching hunters, a
large stag emerged from a thicket and ran straight at
Boguslaw, killing him instantly.

The Polish news agency PAP, which reported the
incident, failed to say what happened to the stag.

London, England:

"It was when I was still a juvenile future
constitutional figurehead substitute that I first
became sensitized by my mouth-tongue-abuse awareness."

Prince Charles, in a tongue-in-cheek testimonial for
jargon-free English, in U.S. News and World Report.

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