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15 Dec
More on Spamming Santa?

Date: Thu, 15 Dec 94 14:05:35 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: More on Spamming Santa?

[I knew a request from Sun to spam them for charity was just a little too good
to be true...  Maybe this is the truth...  -psl]

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Subject: re:ho ho wholesome holiday email

Please do not e-mail spam them.  The previous message about is *incorrect*.

The donations are *not* for e-mail -- they are for visiting the
appropriate URLs (via a WWW browser).  The donations are for four
different non-profit organizations:

        Second Harvest Food Bank
        Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage
        Harlem Educational Activities Fund
        Plugged In

at a dime per visit to their appropriate home pages.  I believe Sun will
donate a maximum of $25,000 (i.e., 250,000 visits), though I could be
incorrect about that number.

If you go to the URL, which is "", you will see
the following message:

> Please Don't Spam Santa
> There is a rumor going around that we're trying to get as many messages
> as possible sent to Not true ... Santa has all the
> mail he can handle and asks that you refrain from spamming him or there
> might be a few last-minute transfers to the "naughty" list.

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