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16 Dec
More Musician Jokes

Date: Fri, 16 Dec 94 16:36:44 PST
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Subject: More Musician Jokes

Forwarded-by: Claude Ginsburg <>
[I think this might come from 'Jackson Street After Hours', but I'm not
 sure - via Ron Hammond]

JJ Johnson and Kai Winding became buddies while playing trombone
on Kenton's band in the '50s.  The two of them took the opportunity
to go fishing in the boondocks in Minnesota.  On the way back to
civilization, they, still in their fishing duds, stopped at a local
dive for a beer.  There was a band playing and they were doing the
old Tommy Dorsey 'Getting Sentimental Over You' -- but they were
playing it a 5th or so lower (the trombone part is notoriously
high).  JJ (or Kai, take your pick) goes to the bandstand and
the conversation goes like this:

     "Hey, why are you playing that down a fifth?"

     "It's too damn high -- nobody human can play it as written!"

     "Bull, let me have a pop at it..." (plays it as written flawlessly)

     "Shit, you're a ringer -- you must be a professional musician."

     "Baloney, anybody can do *that*.  <looks around the bar>
      See that old crummy fisherman sitting over there?
      HEY MAC, come over here a minute!" .....

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