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Weirdness - more or less [357] - 9 Dec 1994

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Subject: Weirdness - more or less [357] - 9 Dec 1994

From: WEIRDNUZ.357 (News of the Weird, December 9, 1994)
by Chuck Shepherd

* According to the prosecutor, a 22-year-old Cincinnati woman who accused
a bus driver in June of raping her actually consented to the sex, or, at
least, two of her ten multiple personalities did.  The woman told police
that all ten witnessed the attack, including a 4-year-old and a ninja
warrior, and the bus driver's lawyer was granted up to three opportunities
in pre-trial depositions to meet as many of the personalities as he can.
And in Prince William County, Va., Edward B. Kelly, 44, is scheduled for
trial in February (in the same court that heard the Bobbitt cases) for
binding and raping a woman he met in a therapy group for people with
multiple personalities.  However, Kelly said the sex was consensual between
one of his personalities and one of the woman's.  [Cincinnati Enquirer,
10-5-94; Columbia Tribune-AP, 10-30-94; Washington Post 11-16-94]

* In June, the Central Park Zoo revealed that it had paid an animal
behaviorist $25,000 for psychotherapy for Gus, its 9-year-old polar bear,
who was involved in various repetitive behaviors, which the zoo director
said could have been a mild neurosis.  The behaviorist recommended creating
games to make Gus's life less monotonous. [Chicago Sun- Times-AP, 6-28-94]

* In Belleville, Ill., in September, James Dowdy, 23, was sentenced to three
years in prison after being arrested carrying a bag of stolen socks.  He
was at the time on probation for another sock theft and has never been
accused of stealing anything except socks. [St. Louis Post- Dispatch,

* On a sanctuary island off the coast of Mauritius, England's Jersey
Wildlife Preservation Trust has run breeding programs for seriously
endangered species, including the extremely rare Mauritius kestrel falcon
and the equally rare Mauritius pink pigeon.  In October, the Trust announced
that one of the falcons had swooped down and eaten one of the pigeons.
[Globe & Mail-Reuters, 10-10-94]


* In October, I reported that two men had been arrested in Tavares, Fla.,
in the back of a van in a public park, charged with committing an unnatural
and lascivious act, but that their explanation was that they were merely
examining and discussing the penile implant that one of them had just
gotten.  I reported that story under the caption "I Don't Think So."
However, in November, a jury believed their story and acquitted the men.
[Orlando Sentinel, Nov94]

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