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23 Dec
Bianca Gets Onanistic - making the insecure less so

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 94 13:12:37 PST
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Subject: Bianca Gets Onanistic - making the insecure less so

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Bianca Gets Onanistic The bathroom of Bianca's Smut Shack has long borne
the scrawlings of Puritans and potty mouths alike - home, as it is, to
one of the Web's first graffiti walls. But when Bianca launched a Sexual
Feedback Forum last month, things really steamed up. The forum began as
a repository for stories of masturbational bliss, but last week a handful
of horny Web-heads decided, grassroots style, that they wanted to go for
a real-time roll in the hay. After setting a time to meet, the group
gathered in Bianca's bathroom, and by quickly typing (one-handed?) and
reloading the page, they set a new standard of smuttiness, even for the
Shack. At first, Bianca was shocked and dismayed, but she quickly embraced
the naughty Netters as kindred spirits, and made the "Real-Time" Online
Masturbation Forum an offical landmark of her shack. Heated exchanges have
gone on round the clock since, and what they lack in sophistication, they
make up in sincerity. Jocelyn Elders would most certainly approve. But it
seems the folks at Netscape Communications Corporation may not: some time
in the past week, Bianca was yanked from the company's "What's Cool" list.
Bianca's Smut Shack
"Real-Time" Online Masturbation Forum

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