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4 Jan
The Wired Revolution

Date: Wed,  4 Jan 95 13:40:11 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Wired Revolution

[I just can't resist a scathing put-down, I don't know why ...
 Do you suppose it's a boy-thing?  Or is it just from growing up
 reading the New Yorker's movie reviews?  -psl]

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From: the New Republic

While saluting Wired magazine's worthy premise as a publication that
addresses the social and cultural effects of digital technologies, the
director of the 21st Century Project at the University of Texas blasts Wired
for its "fevered, adolescent consumerism, its proud display of empty
thoughts from a parade of smoke-shoveling celebrity pundits, its smug
disengagement from the thorny problems facing postindustrial societies, and
most annoyingly, its over-the-top narcissism. If this is the revolution, do
we really want to be part of it?" (New Republic 1/9-16/95 p.19)

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