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4 Jan
QsOTD - ... rears its ugly head

Date: Wed,  4 Jan 95 14:23:41 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: QsOTD - ... rears its ugly head

Forwarded-by: (Gene "Chief Yuckster" Spafford)
Forwarded-by: (Charlie Shub)

 "It's amazing where capitalism has boomed in the last couple of years.
 First the Eastern Bloc, and now the last bastion of socialism -- the
 Internet itself," says the chairman of Delphi Internet Services Corp.
 (Information Week 10/24/94 p.8)

 "Stop thinking about it as the 'information superhighway' and start
 thinking about it as the 'marketing superhighway.'  Doesn't it sound
 better already?"
 	Don Logan, president and CEO of Time Inc., addressing the
 	85th annual meeting of the Association of National
 	Advertisers. [NY Times, 10/18/94, p D22]

[gee, I feel *so* much better...  --spaf]

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