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7 Jan
T-SHIRTS - Gbc gra ernfbaf gb ebg-13 lbhe HFRARG zrffntr:

Date: Sat,  7 Jan 95 13:26:46 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: T-SHIRTS - Gbc gra ernfbaf gb ebg-13 lbhe HFRARG zrffntr:

[Mom and dad got cool internet t-shirts and all I got was this lousy Fun_People
article... -psl]

[Okay, call me an elitist snob, but I can't stop myself from commenting that
I've always thought stonewashed jeans were the height of uncool, unhip,
lemming-esque consumerism.  ... There, I feel better already.  -psl]

Forwarded-by: bostic@CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
Forwarded-by: (Guy Harris)
From: (Joel K. Furr)
Subject: Rot-13 t-shirts -- ordering information
Organization: Duke University - Birthplace of USENET

Ordering info for the "rot-13" t-shirts we've been talking about in
various newsgroups is now available; please note that the shirts are
offered at cost and are not a profit-making enterprise. 

If you would like ordering info, please go on; if you are not interested, 
please press 'n' now.  Ordering info will not be re-posted here; the 
deadline to have orders postmarked is February 1, 1995.


DEADLINE TO ORDER: All orders, regardless of origin, must be postmarked by
February 1, 1995.  The shirts will be shipped around the end of February. 

Description:  The front of the shirt will list the Top Ten Reasons to 
Rot-13 Your USENET Message and so will the back.  The FRONT will have the 
list in rot-13 and the BACK will have it in plain English.  Thus, when 
people come up and peer confusedly at your chest you can wait a minute, 
then turn around and show them your back.


Gbc gra ernfbaf gb ebg-13 lbhe HFRARG zrffntr:

10. Znxr crbcyr guvax lbh fcrnx Lvqqvfu
 9. Sbvy gur Cebqvtl prafbef
 8. Znxr yvsr qvssvphyg sbe gur Angvbany Frphevgl Ntrapl 
 7. Xrrc Qnivq Yrggrezna sebz fgrnyvat lbhe zngrevny
 6. Znxr nyg.pbafcvenpl areibhf
 5. Orpnhfr nowhere orpbzrf abjurer, pyrex orpbzrf clerk, naq green 
    orpbzrf terra
 4. Onssyr arjovrf
 3. Vg'f purncre guna gur Pyvccre Puvc
 2. Nzrevpn Bayvar hfref pna'g qrpbqr lbhe zrffntrf naq svaq bhg jung 
    lbh'er fnlvat
 1. Zbz'f ba gur Vagrearg gbb


Top ten reasons to rot-13 your USENET message:

10. Make people think you speak Yiddish
 9. Foil the Prodigy censors
 8. Make life difficult for the National Security Agency 
 7. Keep David Letterman from stealing your material
 6. Make alt.conspiracy nervous
 5. Because abjurer becomes nowhere, clerk becomes pyrex, and terra 
    becomes green
 4. Baffle newbies
 3. It's cheaper than the Clipper Chip
 2. America Online users can't decode your messages and find out what 
    you're saying
 1. Mom's on the Internet too

A special kind of t-shirt will be used for these rot-13 t-shirts: the 
technical name is "garment dyed" but the effect is as though the shirts 
had been stonewashed, presenting a sort of marbled look to the t-shirt.  
They're very nice 100% cotton t-shirts.  However, these shirts are only 
available in size L, XL, or XXL.  If you need an S, M, or XXXL, you can 
still get one but you'll have to make do with an ordinary Hanes Beefy-T 
of approximately the same color but without the texture.  Sweatshirts and 
long-sleeved T's are also available, but again, you would have to make do 
with standard colors.  

COST: L, XL, and XXL shirts are $14.36 each which includes the sales tax I
pay at the manufacturer, the screen charges for the front and back, and
three dollars for priority mail postage (which, except during the
holidays, generally gets anywhere in the USA in two to three days) and is
calculated exactly to allow me to break even.  If you want an S or M,
subtract $2.75, and if you want XXXL, subtract $.75.  If you want a
long-sleeved version of the t-shirt, send $14.36 (in other words, send 
nothing extra), and if you want a sweatshirt, add $5.00.   Be aware that, 
as above, the stone-washed look t-shirts are _not_ _available_ in S, M, 
XXXL, long-sleeved, or sweatshirt.

COLOR:  Here comes the fun part.  The colors available are:

"poppy" -- red
"sage" -- light green
"carrot" -- orange
"western sky" -- a cool light blue
"iris" -- purple
"goldenrod" -- yellow
"sweet potato" -- also an orange
"moss green" -- dark forest green
"smoke" -- charcoal
"blue granite" -- medium dark blue
"brick" -- dark red
"denim" -- sort of stonewashed bluejeans colored
"smoked salmon" -- reddish pink

All of these are the special 'garment dyed' type of 100% cotton t-shirt. 
The look, as above, is a stonewashed look.  The shirts are *not* 
stonewashed; the fabric just looks that way.

Note: two ink colors will be available, depending on what color shirt you 
get.  We'll have a dark blue/black on the light-colored shirts and some 
easily visible and contrasting light color for use on the dark shirts, so 
it doesn't matter what color you get -- it'll come out looking fine 

Please indicate a preference of color.  IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY A COLOR YOU
will be met as closely as possible in the event that you get an S, M,
XXXL, long-sleeved T, or sweatshirt.  All color requests will depend on
availability in a reasonable period of time from the manufacturer. 

SEND ORDERS TO: Joel Furr, 916 W. Trinity Avenue, #10, Durham NC 27701.
Make checks payable to Joel Furr. 

SHIPPING: Shipping is included in the cost of the shirt, unless you live
outside the USA.  

Shipping to Mexico and Canada will cost $1 more.  Shipping to Europe will
cost $2 more.  Shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, or other
Oceania/Asia countries costs $3 more.  

If you can send a US money order, please do (that is, if you can't send a
check in US funds).  If not, please send U.S.  currency, but wrap it in
paper so it's not obviously cash to anyone who handles the envelope. 

If you can't send US currency, I can take Canadian or British currency or
cheques, but you'd darn well better make sure you send the right amount
(i.e. make sure to check the conversion rates). 

DEADLINE: As above: 2/1/95.

DISCLAIMER: These shirts are being made on a break-even basis.  The cost of 
the shirt is exactly calculated to cover the cost of production and 
postage.  You may, if you want, include a contribution to cover the time 
spent entering orders, working with the screen printer, and mailing, BUT 
YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO.  It is totally up to you, and your order will be 
treated the same regardless of whether you do or not.  This disclaimer is 
included because the producer of the shirts (Joel Furr) feels very strongly 
that advertising in newsgroups for profit is an abuse of the Internet's 
'social compact' and hence should be avoided.

Deadline for ordering "Green Card Lawyers" and "The Internet Is Full, Go Away"
shirts is 1/15/95; Deadline to order "Rot-13" shirts is 2/1/95.  Need info?
My net-collectibles home page is at 
See also:, /pub/jf/jfurr/shirts, or email me directly for info.

[=] © 1995 Peter Langston []