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7 Jan
PC/Windoze support job, ~8 weeks

Date: Sat,  7 Jan 95 13:52:11 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: PC/Windoze support job, ~8 weeks

Forwarded-by: bostic@CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
Forwarded-by: Daniel Carosone <>

From: (Matthew David ALDOUS)
Subject: Re: PC/Windoze support job, ~8 weeks

] Does anyone want a contract for about 8 weeks filling a position
] doing PC/Windows/MS-Office/Printer support?  
] Let me know ASAP if you're interested.

I'd love it, but the wild boars I have coming in to run rampant through my
lower intestines with small flaming blades embedded in their tusks, followed
my 3 hours of Barney re-runs on quadrophonic surround speakers, prior to me
shredding a caffine free diet seven up can with my tibea, and scraping razor
honed metal shards down my tongue (pending my finding 12 liters of caustic
soda to wash the blood down with), mean all my action packed fun filled free
time is otherwise occupied. _IF_ however, there is anything possibly less
entertaining than this available, and your job position is still going, I
will run.  Far.  In fact, very far.  So damn far to a country where
Microsoft is loosly translates into "small bean-bag", and PC is an almost
forgotten disease cursed upon the crazy people of society.  If however, when
you said contract you meant "sick banal attempt at passing some humourous
time" then I have some fungus breading inside a Battlestar Galactica
figurine armpit, that may posses the required training.

I wish you the best of luck filling this position.


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