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8 Jan
A Joke

Date: Sun,  8 Jan 95 13:03:38 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: A Joke

From: Greg Maass <>

A shipwrecked sailor is stranded alone on an island. One day, from out of
nowhere, Cindy Crawford appears. The two become friends, and eventually,

One day a trunk full of men's clothing washes ashore. The shipwrecked sailor
checks it out. He asks Cindy Crawford if she would mind putting on the
pants.  She says "Sure", and does. Then the shipwrecked sailor asks her to
put on the mens shirt and tie. She does. Next he asks her to put up her hair
and wear the men's hat. Cindy Crawford says ,"Ok", and does.

Finally, the shipwrecked sailor asks Cindy Crawford to draw a fake moustache
and asks her if he can call her Bob. Cindy thinks that this is quite
strange, but says" Ok, I'll draw a fake moustache, and you can call me Bob".

The shipwrecked sailor says, "Hey Bob, you won't believe who I've been
sleeping with."

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