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Weirdness #360

Date: Sat, 14 Jan 95 17:39:48 PST
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Subject: Weirdness #360

From: WEIRDNUZ.360 (News of the Weird, December 30, 1994)
by Chuck Shepherd

* In November, a judge in Oakland, Calif., dismissed the 1992 libel lawsuit
filed by More University against its former student, Allan Steele, along
with Steele's counterclaim of fraud.  Steele had become disillusioned after
allegedly paying more than $200,000 in tuition for a "Ph.D. in Sensuality"
and had termed the school merely a cult that featured prostitution and drug
use.  More's lawyers told the court that Steele was happy enough with the
school when it awarded him a certificate for his ability to achieve a
"Victor-accepted orgasm" and when he was performing sexual techniques for
the campus station KLIT-TV. [Oakland Tribune, 11-19-94]

* In August, Aaron Miller, 17, an Amish man, tried to outrun sheriff's
deputies for four miles in his buggy near Leon, N. Y.  The officers followed
patiently in their cruiser and ultimately charged Miller with traffic
violations. [Buffalo News, 8-9-94]

* Dallas County (Missouri) prosecutor Wayne Rieschel told reporters in May
that, after consulting with the state attorney general's office, he could
find no law of any kind violated by the owner of a tanning salon who
secretly videotaped his female customers nude.  Among the 83 victims were
Rieschel's wife and daughter. [Albuquerque Journal-AP, 5-26-94]

* In May, St. Peters, Mo. (population 45,000), became the first city in the
country to post traffic signs exclusively in metric measures.  (For example,
"Speed Limit 35" signs overnight became "Speed Limit 60" signs.)  Said the
public works director, "We're pretty progressive here in St. Peters."
According to an Associated Press reporter, the director may have
misunderstood federal regulations on timetables for conversions.
[Columbus Dispatch-AP, May94]

* According to a videotape of the May meeting of the Wisconsin Taxpayers
Party, guest speaker Rev. Matthew Trewhella told the audience that church
congregations should be prepared to fight physically against legalized
abortions.  Trewhella said he had trained his 16-month-old son to identify
which finger is his trigger finger and told parents not to play "pin the
tail on the donkey" but rather to substitute the exercise in which a child
is blindfolded and learns to take a gun apart and put it back together.
[Church and State Journal, Fall 1994]

* In Haddam, Conn., just before a vote on the school budget, about 20
anonymously posted signs appeared around town reading "For Christ's Sake,
Vote No."  The budget, which had been rejected twice before, passed by 34
votes this time, and supporters attributed the reversal to the signs'
offensiveness.  [Hartford Courant, 6-3-94]

* Acting on a warning from her priest in Fortaleza, Brazil, in November,
unemployed maid Maria Benoiza Nascimento, 39, burned a winning $60,000
lottery ticket because she feared going to hell.  Nascimento's husband is
unemployed, and four of their seven children are seriously ill, but her
Assembly of God minister told her not to take "the devil's" money.
[Tuscaloosa News-AP, 12-3-94]

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