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24 Jan
"Real" Names

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 19:04:22 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: "Real" Names

[A collection of names of victims, suspects, witnesses, etc. from someone at
the Oakland Police Department.  It's interesting to try to imagine the people
that go with these names... -psl]

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Benjamin Adorable	Claudia Credit		Friday Jumbo
Mulu Akulu		Lavender Dangerfield	La Kennedy Hardware
Ms. Arobela Aborilla	Daisy Dick		Ruby Knuckles
Sarvine Ashkan		Gertie Dimple Johnson	Lucille Lefthand
Sam Azamm		Donna Ding		Famous Limbrick, Jr.
Sandy Bacon		Phu Dip			Queen E. Lord
Tangerine Bancroft	Wanda Dollarhide	Iona Mad-Plume
Sucha Banger		Damon Dong		Myna Magoon
Teddy Bare		Cruel Farrell		Tangerine Manson
Miracle Barlow		Wonderly Feathers	Eulyssis McMutt
Beverly Bashful		Babe Tiger Flowers	Fannie Mower
Pearl Battalion		Fong Fong		Monderill Mudd
Beth Bean		Undeener Foots		Leroy Murders
Elzester Beaner		Saundra Fractious	Penny Nails
Peter Beaver		Yukking Fu		Bob Nasty
Blossom Belcher		Fanny Fudge		Babajide Obeboju
Clamidy Bell		Fungula Fumu		Festus Ogunbanjo
Conception Belt		Frankie Futch		Tall Peacock
U.S. Bismallah		Harvest Garfinkel	Nympha Pedone
Marvelous Blakeley	Alvacious George	Mae Poe
Barney Bloat		Geious Gilmore		Daisy Polite
Ruby Box		Arzola Goodbeer		Ida Popper
Wondrous Bozeman	Paula Greatbatch	Clinton Queener
Autumn Brook		Hardy Growcock		Sacratine Redwood
Fralvin Broomhead	July Jean Guidry	Shelly Sack
Katherine Brown-Keister Cupcaake Harris		Florida Sacramento
Canary Buggs		Taffy Hash		Essie Screws
Donald, Ronald, and JohnHarry Heard		Beepske Selhorst
Dionisio Bumacod	Celestino Hockenhull	Ivory Shack
Lay Bun			Wonder Hohnson		Leroy Slappy
Bragerdine Busby	Mary Hole		Elfreda Stringfellow
Autumn Bush		T.V. House, Jr.		Sammy Stufflebeam
Square Bush		Hoa Hua			Thelma Swelling
Bertha Butts		Minor Huff		Daisy Tailfeathers
Betty Butts		Early West Hughes	Erma Tingle
Queen Byrd		Herbert Hurts		Phuc A. Tong
Sue Chew		Ellis Island		Patricia Turkletop
Charity Chun		Precious Island		Clamidy Walk
Burial Clay		Poetrie Jackson		Veryfrank Walker
Willow Cliffswallow	Quo Vadis Jackson	Ronald Waxlax
Claudia Clinkscale	Proverb Jacobs III	Antjuan Webb
Pink Cloud		June January		Wendy Wiener
Esme Corpusangel	Jehosaphat Johnson	Finllley Wimbley
Laquetta Crankfield	Depressa Jones		Ubet Witherspoon

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