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1 Feb
Re: N.E.A. under attack

Date: Wed,  1 Feb 95 23:28:55 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: N.E.A. under attack

Forwarded-by: (steven cantor)

   while i am more than in favor of not only maintaining, but in fact
substantially increasing the level of funding for the n.e.a., i must say
that some statistics i recently came across made me cringe at the idea of
spending nine dollars for mailgrams.  in sweden and france, the level of
federal funding of the arts comes out to about 30 dollars per person per
year.  this seems reasonable to me.  the level of federal funding for the
arts in this country is, are you sitting down, SIXTY-FOUR CENTS per person
per year.  this is less than pathetic.  so while you can be sure i'm going
to call my senators and congressperson and voice my support for the
national endowment, i am not going to spend 15 times my annual contribution
to the endowment sending mailgrams to them.  the absurdity of such an act
is just too much for me to consider.


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