Fun_People Archive
2 Feb
putting in my 64 cents worth

Date: Thu,  2 Feb 95 15:32:33 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: putting in my 64 cents worth

From: (Adam Cavan)

It seems Steven Cantor's revelation that each mailgram costs 15 times the
current per capita funding of the NEA could be taken a step further. People
should just give nine dollars to the artist of their choice and forget the
mailgram. If 1/15th of population did this the total support would equal
the NEA endowments. Minus the bureaucratic overhead. If that seems
optimistic, perhaps 1/150th of the population donating $96 each. Of course,
I would opt for a box on my tax form asking where I want my mandatory $0.64
arts contribution to go. Another possibility is to ask all your list
subscribers to donate - even change the name to Fund_People...


[Dear Fund_People,
    We've always known that we rank right up at the very top of the culturally
aware citizenry that's not afraid to show an open-minded, yet relatively
tasteful appreciation of our own develoiping arts and culture.  Now we have a
way to show that we have the courage of our convictions, a way to put our money
where our mouths are, as it were.
    It's easy.  Send me your non-profit, non-partisan, (non-deductible) measly
donation of $9.00 (for you 93rd percentile types) or your non-measly donation
of $96.00 (for you 99.333 percentile types) to be passed on to the artist of my
choice.  You can trust me, hasn't my mouth always been right where your money
wants to be?   Aren't my convictions just like yours (except for the felonies, probably)?
    After all, if you didn't mean to donate this money why would you have
joined Fund-People in the first place?


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