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14 Feb
Dog Magazine to Cover Trial (fwd)

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 16:56:13 PST
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Subject: Dog Magazine to Cover Trial (fwd)

[Since it seems to be the defining event of our couch-potatoe [!] culture,
I guess there's no reason other species shouldn't get into the act.  -psl]

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Los Angeles 

Every dog is supposed to have his day. But in this case the dog is going to
have its own reporter. 

Dog World magazine said it will assign a reporter to cover the O. J. Simpson
trial, joining the hundreds of reporters from news organizations around the

``I felt that there was heightened interest about dogs, particularly Akitas
and their sense of awareness, keen loyalty and popularity,'' editor-in-chief
Donna Marcel said. 

The Akita that belonged to Nicole Brown Simpson has played a key role in the
prosecution's case against Simpson. The dog, which was found wandering with
bloody paws on the night of the killings, is being used by
the prosecution to help determine the time of the killings. 

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