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21 Feb
Nutty Science

Date: Tue, 21 Feb 95 20:39:04 PST
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I don't know if this story got out of the state, but it certainly qualifies
for strange story of the week.

I wonder how brother Newt will react to the notion of grants being sought?
Perhaps someone could suggest that if he doesn't shape up, he could be in
that number...

AP  v0966 rn 0nm-n NM-Radiation-Body Parts                 02-18  1:25p

Human Gonads Sitting In Freezers Waiting For Radiation Testing

     (Undated) -- Hundreds of human testes and ovaries from people who lived
near a Denver-area nuclear weapons plant have been locked in freezers for
about 20 years waiting to be tested for plutonium content.

     The Albuquerque Tribune reported today that the body parts were left
over from a mid-1970s study. The study was commissioned to determine whether
people living near the Rocky Flats plant in Golden, Colorado had more
plutonium in their bodies than people living elsewhere.

     The Tribune reported that the body parts arrived at Colorado State
University in Fort Collins, Colorado about two months ago.  Before that,
they were stored in freezers at Los Alamos National Laboratory for about 15

     A professor at Colorado State's Radiological and Health Sciences
Department says he's hoping to get grants to analyze the roughly 200 gonads
for their plutonium content.

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