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28 Feb
Supporting businesses is good, while supporting people...

Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 20:06:32 PST
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Subject: Supporting businesses is good, while supporting people...

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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 15:29:06 CST
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Corporate-Welfare on

   The new Congressional leadership has vowed to reform the welfare
   system.  They claim these entitlement programs place an undue burden
   on the average taxpayer.  Unfortunately, Congress is focused on the
   nation's less expensive social welfare system, when they should be
   focused on corporate welfare, e.g., subsidies, grants and tax breaks
   for businesses.  During 1994 the federal government spent an
   estimated $104.3 billion on corporate welfare, while spending only
   $75.1 billion for social welfare programs for the poor.

   The Corporate-Welfare list will provide information on legislation,
   studies, policy papers, and campaigns aimed at eliminating special
   interest handouts dubbed Aid For Dependent Corporations (AFDC).

   This is a low-volume list with all messages originating from the list
   owner (more like a newsletter than a discussion list.) However,
   submissions are readily accepted.

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