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1 Mar
Library of Congress Subject Headings

Date: Wed,  1 Mar 95 18:20:51 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Forwarded-by: (Dan Peck)

Here are the 1994 Winners of the Stupidist Subject Headings from our Nation's

Adult Children
Beehives see Bee-Housing
Combustion, Spontaneous human
Diving for Men
Drug Abuse-Programmed instruction
Erros and blunders-Literary
Feet in the Bible
Hand surgery-Juvenile literature
Impurity centers
Lord's supper-Admission age
Lord's supper-Reservation
Low German wit and humor
Monotone operators
Running races in rabbinical literature
Sewage-collected works
Standing on one foot see One-leg resting position
Stupidity see Inefficiency,Intellectual
Thumbing the Nose see Shanghai Gesture

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