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1 Mar
If Netters look down upon AOLers, ...

Date: Wed,  1 Mar 95 20:55:23 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: If Netters look down upon AOLers, ...

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If Netters look down upon AOLers, ...
    ...then who do AOLers look down upon?  Not surprisingly:

"Alexander logs on, is told off"

Steven Thomma
San Jose Mercury News, 95mar01, page F1

MARYVILLE, Tenn. -- It took only minutes in cyberspace for Republican
presidential candidate Lamar Alexander to know that this is a brave new
world.  Or a world only for the brave.

In just 30 minutes logged onto America Online the night before he declared
his candidacy, Alexander was asked whether he was too dull to be elected
and for his views on abortion and the death penalty.

The former Tennessee governor also was subjected to suggestions from the
approximately 500 people who logged on Monday night that he can't spell,
that he is "a bag of hot air" and that he is running for president so he
can ride in Air Force One and attract women.


But aides said Alexander did not see the satirical comments on the screen
of the laptop computer he was using.  That could help explain his verdict:

    "This was the finest press conference I ever had."

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