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2 Mar
Re: The demise of ATT?

Date: Thu,  2 Mar 95 16:27:43 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: The demise of ATT?


> (c) Farhan Memon
> ...
> a secret mathematical formula allows the software to overcome one
> of Internet's inherent weaknesses -- sometimes data packets do
> not arrive at their destination in the same order they were sent
> making the message unintelligible.

Wow!  Fantastic!  We could upgrade TCP so it could do this, but
then, we'd all have to pay royalties.  Oh well...

> ... because the Internet is designed to route messages around
> trouble spots there's never a chance of the circuits being busy.

I made a VocalTec call to an Internet guru to ask him about this.
He said, "That's all f     d good, but so          e routers get
     oaded, an     ghpu          ell.  If you  ver use tracer  te,
you kn       oftent       conne   on goes    ough     zen or so
hops,  ny one     ich     screw       ole   ing!"

We switched over to a CU-SeeMe connection, and he continued:
"                vid                     cket              fucked!"

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