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6 Mar
Amazing taste treat

Date: Mon,  6 Mar 95 23:26:46 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Amazing taste treat

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I love the Easter season.

It's not the religious aspects that warm my cockles, nor the fluffy bunnies
in cute little overalls.  My spirits are not especially lifted by baskets
full of that green plastic stuff, egg decorating, or children foraging under
bushes, however adorable they may be.  I do not wear an Easter bonnet.  That
stuff is all great, but it's not what gets to me.

It's the Creme Eggs.

For a few short weeks, you can go to the store and find them there, Cadbury's
Creme Eggs, little egg bombs lovingly made of chocolate and sugar by people
who know that there's nothing better than chocolate and sugar.  And there's a
yolk.  Sure, it's just more of the sugary stuff colored yellow, but it looks
like a yolk.  It's that sort of attention to detail which is the mark of the
master craftsman.

I can't get enough of the things.

I'm always looking for an excuse to eat one, and that's what led me to this
year's amazing new taste treat, which I know you'll be anxious to try:

       The Kahlua and Creme Egg

     1 Cadbury's Creme Egg

     Lop off the top of the Creme Egg and eat it.  This can be
     particularly entertaining if you happen to have one of
     those cool egg holders you see in the movies.  Make some
     room in the egg by eating some of the creme stuff.  Now
     pour a bit of Kahlua into the egg.  Let it seep in a bit.
     Introduce it to the sugary contents of the egg.
     Then slurp out the Kahlua and the white goopy stuff.  Just
     a little at a time!  That's it.
     Mmmmm!  Wasn't that delicious?

Well, perhaps it's not for everybody...

--Dave, fearlessly experimenting for the good of humanity

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