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WWW surfing reports

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 95 14:56:59 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: WWW surfing reports

[Here are WAY too many web site reports from Steve Crandall, bravely forwarded
by Tom Parmenter who mentions (at the end, when you're already slap-happy from
the preceding 163 site listings) his favorite sites.  If you want to know what
they are, you should subscribe to Desperado:
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Meanwhile, I bet you can't read the whole thing!  -psl]

Forwarded-by: (Tom Parmenter)

The November 1994 surflist archive

from 11.16.94
Here is a short surfing list from last night's insomnia.  I've been asked to
give the list a wider distribution.  If you don't want it, send me mail or
just flush it.

Steve Crandall

Allegro is a record distributor.  There are a few audio files to download and
a catalog

Sony's site is changing every week.  They are focusing on the music component,
but there are placeholders for films, electronic publishing and consumer
products.  This is a good example of passive advertising at ethernet rates
(awful from home at POTS rates!)

An interesting note is that they intend to sell over the Internet when
transactions become "secure".  You would sample a track, decide you wanted the
full CD, make the transaction and receive the CD via overnight delivery for
less than Sam Goodies price.

The ALIS Control Center
ALIS is the Auroral Large Imaging System - an array of ccd cameras that
populate a 50 x 50km grid in Northern Sweden for the study of auroras.
It is still under development, but there are some stunning images when
auroras are present. (check station 7 in Kilvo today for example).
Running these through your favorite image processing program can pull out
very interesting detail.
Pollitical Satire from the Capitol Steps.  They attack both sides.  Full
songs to download, pointers to Gore's comics (and speculation that the WH
server doesn't point to them:-)
IBM's home page for their new Internet service.  Surprisingly well
thought-out.We're planning to have a subset of this ready in about 8 months.
Tweeds - a catalog front for a conservative women's fashion catalog.  They
take orders via an 800 number
Sundance -- hyper-yuppie stuff from Rober Redford
Tower Records -- access to their catalog as well as 50 or so 10 second cuts
from "featured" albums
Sticking with the shopping2000 store front, REI has put their catalog on the
DEC's technical journal.  I haven't seen this before.. Digital has their
tehcnical journal on line..
Paper Direct -- my wife uses this place for her home business.  It was
surprising (perhaps not though) to find them on the Internet
For you ham radio operators, AMSAT has a site
The British Tourist Authority
A random collection of events in the US
Oxford Books on line.  This looks promising (they claim about 300k titles),
butnone of the URLs in their page seem to work (they have an underconstruction
note)  It is probably worth a visit later:
Catalog Mart
Subscribe to a huge number of catalogs and crush the US postal service or
fuel your fireplace
Pointers to a half dozen cholocate providers
EE Times
EE Times has an online version -- you have to register
Montana Public Televsion
>From MSU in Bozeman (I'm from Montana, so I'm partisan)  They claim to have a
T1 connection, which would put them near the top of media capabilities.
Probably something to sell high bandwidth into homes with prepubescent males -
skateboarding videos
The University of Ill has some classes on the Web.

Tax help from the friendly folks at the IRS

Pointers to some servers (some are slow/mean servers) with pretty pictures of
The major shortwave providers (BBC, CBC and VOA) seem to be getting into
the Internet business.  The parallel between a shortwave listener and an
Internet surfer is probably close.

Student newspaper 0- Vocal Point
A student newspaper from Boulder Colorado.  I believe this was put up wiht
help from a GIS MTS.
Surfing note from 11.17.94		Steve Crandall
Classified ads -- 6 lines for 90 days cost $10.  There is very little there
Biological, Agricultural and Medical resources on the Internet.  I was pointed
to this by a friend who is a wheat farmer back in Montana!
Comet Halley Stuff

If you want to look at the some of the data gathered between 81 and 89 during
the Halley's Coment return, here is an overview repository summarizing data
available on 18 CD ROMs  (along with information on how to get the CD ROMs -
sure to be best sellers:-)
SL-9 collision
The top 20 images of the SL-9 event last Summer are available from:
For the serious amateur interesting in observing comets ... light curves,
ephemerides, recent observations, etc.
[Note: this links appears dead (10/1/12) and might be replaced by or by
-- the latter suggestion from Alexandra Sawyer; thanks, Alexandra!  -psl]
HST home page
Can't afford that nice Celestron or Meade?  Your tax dollars are paying for
a real telescope -- the Hubble Space Telescope.  This site has released
images, education kits, etc...
Ring around the Planet
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all have ring systems.  Here is a home
page with information on planetary rings.  There has been considerable effort
in the past decade attempting to understand these beasts.  Some good stuff.
More aurora stuff
Unlike the Sweidsh observatory, this site publishes recent sightings (hours
old) as well as geomagnetic forcasts -- much nicer than waiting for WWV at
14 minutues (or whenever they do the geomagnetic forecast) after the hour..
How deep can you get?
The Ocean Drilling Program -- the largest collaboration in the Earth Sciences.
Lots of interesting looking stuff.
Do you confuse the Silurian with the Devonian?  This handy geological timeline
will help get you straight.  (Believe it or not, this will be useful to me
as my wife is heavily into fossils -- (not a reflection on me, I hope:-))

Skakey Ground
When the Earth moves, you usually get a report from Caltech.  This is the
homepage for their seismology lab with very recent data. There are pointers
to the major observatories of the world.  Neat site.
Technology Review
For the MIT folks -- Technology Review
A magazine that "developes different themes of comtemporary life as they
relate to technology."  One issue is "After the Book: Writing Literature/
Writing Technology."  I haven't read enough of it yet to see if they have
any insight..
An online magazine from RPI. -- some PC and Internet news.
Information on Barbados
Surf report for the morning of 11.21.94

The Yahoo hierarchy went through 20,000 entries on Friday!

For what its worth the conditions from our machine have been terrible for
the past several days making it worthless to even try.

Surfing notes from the early morning of 11.22.94

Steve Crandall

Some of the classics - The Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid.  There are larger
s, but this one claims that it will focus on the things that you tried to
avoid in your Western Civilization classes as a Freshman...
The Bookzone claims to specialize in obscure books.  They have highlighted a
few books and provide slip jacket notes, a table of contents, and the first
paragraph.  The selection isn't large, but it does live up to its obscure
Laser discs, CD Roms etc..  This site offers all of this stuff and, although
still under construction, has a large laser disc section. The prices seem
similar to some discount prices I've seen and they offer free shipping for
large orders.
Booze on the Web --- 800 Spirits.
The Electronic Telegraph offers its paper to folks on the Web.  You have to
register with them.  Once registered, they give you am eight digit PIN.  The
problem is that this is catching on at several sites and I now have a
piece of paper with a half dozen PINs on it.

Grumbling aside, the layout is reasonable, with news summaries as well as
the full text of the articles.

This has been around for awhile, but much of the serious construction is
now complete.  The San Jose Mercury Times.

There are ads on some of the pages and some features are only available on
a subscription basis.
British Telecom is getting into the Internet business.  They explain some of
their services and offer a mechanism to register for more information.  Not
a well-done site, but BT is certainly a major player.  They also seem to be
pushing ISDN.
If you have registered for Hotwired, check out the Club Med section
for an example of excessive giffage
Uprise designs has "strange" tshirts and is notable as they claim to have the
ultimate in "geekware"
Information on an indexing system (Simple Web Indexing System for Humans).  It
looks like it is public domain and claims to be easy to use
Information on Cyberleaf -- a commercial html converter for Interleaf, MS Word
and Word Perfect.
Here's something for the kids.  Rather than X rated sites, why not give them
a list of books that have been banned for one reason or another?  Maybe this
approach would get some of them interested in literature...
My 17 year old niece recommended this site in an email last night ... The
Icelandic popstar Bjork.
A tour of Comdex for those of us who didn't make it
If you can't remember the deuteron-proton mass ratio try the NIST fundamental
constants page..
The text to the Computer Shopper -- the only magazine I can think of that you
*only* buy for the ads..
Some other Ziff magazines -- they appear to offer sections as well as ToC
A faq for filtering mail (funny that should come up)
The PacBell ISDN users guide -- it has been under construction for months,
buthas really fleshed out recently.
My candidate for the worst site on the Web -- the web slot machine
Everything you want to know about fractal music -- and then some
An Irish resource ..
(still under heavy construction by the looks of it)

Axcess Magazine -- a weird cyberculture journal.  Notable as you can access it
in Adobe Acrobat format..
OK -- this is my candidate for the weirdest site on the net ..  recommended
weird reading
Another tip from my niece (Magi) - a "music" group specalizing in the fusion
of bulgarian folk, british invasion and acid rock:-)  Don't even try to
Viacom's site for their Star Trek Generations movie

A very slow server considering the audience.

Here is a short surfing report from 11/25/94

Those stupid stereograms -- drive yourself crazy

Rockwell's "science" server -- they are trying to sell their technology
J.C. Penny -- a few items from their catalog.  One of many places getting
their toes wet
Yet another Disney imprint -- (Disney has about 9 web sites at this point)

This is *not* a friendly server from a 14.4 link!  Excessive giffage.

Marshall Fields ... another server pointed at faster lines as well as
another major retailer experimenting...
Music Boxes -- look at the boxes and listen to them..
Canadian Internet guides -- if you have a friend in Canada this is a
possible resource for them..
High Speed networks -- lots of ATM pointers
WWW resources for PCs


Princeton Spigot is an e-zine from Princeton ---

Campus information, bad poetry, etc
Life in Hell  - clearly superior to Dilbert, but not as much is on the web
Norwegian electronic art ..

The exhibits are arranged as "walls" -- I didn't see anything that I really
liked, but everyone's taste is different

Wine.  Someone reminded me that I should mention this site (it has been
around for awhile)
Windom Hill Records -- New Age Music.  I guess I'm surprised they didn't
show up earlier.

They accept email and have a chat feature
Railroads -- more than anyone should probably know
HEAT -- details of a high energy antimatter telescope

High energy physics. astrophysics, balloons and Billy the Kid (I'm not

Here are some surfing comments from 11.26.94

Steve Crandall


Playboy -- it had to happen.  They've been there for awhile with a catalog,
but now they are putting content on their webserver.  This is a method to
get their stories and interviews if you are offended by the pictures.
Notable this month is a Bill Gates interview for those of you who are into
the "Cult of Bill"

Swiss Telecom -- for those interested in PTTs

I don't know what was slower -- my 14.4 line or their server... They claim
to offer ATM and ISDN in switzerland.  They also have a page on their R&D
White Rabbit toys.  High end/typically European toys to spoil your kids

They will take orders over the Internet and have a place to put your credit
card information for the truly brave/stupid.

Plugged in -- a non-profit group trying to bring computers and the Internet
to East Palo Alto.  They are just getting going and are on a 14.4 dialup.
If you are male and under 13 (or know someone), there is a video games page

Interface magazine.  An electronic magazine from Vancouver, BC that deals
with technology issues.

There is a futurist flavor here
Practical Psychology magazine

Of course I don't need this (typing away at 4:45am on a Saturday morning) :-)
The Tardis TV archive.  If you don't watch TV, you can consult this
extensive archive and see what you're missing
TV listings  If you do watch TV, you can get listings here
Press releases from the White House.  Watch this area and see if there are
reports of Newt G. burrowing under the fence!
The constitution of Indiana

I checked and didn't see anything specifically outlawing Dan Quayle (an
obvious oversight)
Ancient cultures.  A slow/mean server, but some interesting stuff
Ocenia -- start a new country!


surf report from 11.27.94

Covered bridges in Pennsylvannia and elsewhere

Canada's schoolnet

A project to get Canada's 16k schools on the Internet "as quickly as possible"
Danish tourist info -- Aalborg

Swedish site

This is a Swedish tourist site -- still under construction, but has  quite
a bit of history and folklore
Taiwan info

Lots of general info
The Ukraine
General info as well as a Chernobyl site
Blackwell's bookstore

Worth a trip to England.  If these folks put up a secure ordering system, I
need a better salary.
A list of virtual museums

There are some good connections here


Museum of Paleontology - Berkeley
Natural History Museum in London
The Smithsonian
The Field Museum (Chicago)
        (take their DNA to Dinosaurs tour)

Really brief 11.28.94 surfing report

Here is a "way cool" site -- Classical midi.  There isn't very much now, but
itis growing.

The Vivaldi op8n2 (Summer) is truly strange.

All you need is a midi helper/viewer and you're in business!

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The December 1994 surfing archive

Some surfing notes from 12.01.94

Old architecture

Computer reconstructions of famous/now non-existant places...

Warning -- this is from New Zealand and things happen slowly
Mutual funds
Law and legal resources on the Web
Lots of giffage -- one wonders how many lawyers have access above POTS rates..
Another record store -- this one has a most unusual "storefront"
They are still under construction, but their intention is to offer "secure"
transactions to netscape users...

Non mainstream music -- This site promotes obscure/non-mainstream artists.
It looks like it caters to IUMA class folks with a bit of an advertising
ANS -- probably worth following as AOL bought it.
AOL paid $35M for it, which seems very cheap.  I wonder why we're not playing
that game..

Real Estate
This site claims to be the largest real estate site on the web -- they even
have a link from South Africa.  One of their value addeds is a pointer to
amortgage rate calculator.
A bridal shop... I guess it makes sense --- you can meet someone on the
so why not get ready for your wedding there.  I know of some people who have
virtual releationships :-)
YAWB (yet another web book) -- at least this one has John December as a
coauthor, so it might be good.
There are things at Stanford other than yahoo...  Here is a page for computer
If you use Sound Canvas as a midi box on your PC, here is a site for you
Infomagnet is a tool to participate in Listserv groups
The Sociable Web.  A Media Lab development to allow folks to interact with
other people on the web and conduct joint explorations.
TILE -- converts Lotus notes to WEb documents.  The tool is still under
developemenet, but I would think this is of great interest to AT&T...
Another education page K-12 in Carrollton TX
Not much right now, but they may grow..
Oxford Univerisities FAX by-pass
Oxford describes how to avoid those pesky LD FAX charges by emailing to
remote FAX machines
NBA schedules
Find out who is playing where and when..

Frisbee page
Shakes and Quakes.  I've mentioned this some time ago, but it is too good to
pass up.  THe Caltech Seismology Lab
The wit and wisdom of Jesse Helms
A Minnesota K-12 technology cooperative
Still under construction, but they're doing something
Various forms of electron microscopy -- see very small things
A Kwanzaa information page for those of you who celebrate that holiday
Spiegel -- another shopping2000 member

800 FLowers
Not very well done at this point.
Nordic Track -- they advertise everywhere else  (someone showed me an ad in
a funeral director's magazine -- which makes you wonder)
Apple's Dylan language (can you pronouce it correctly?  Before or after the
Pointers to today's news weather and sports
Surfing notes from 12.02.94

The Franklin Sceince Museum -- about the only major science/technology museum
*not* on the Internet is our local Libery Science Center.  The Franklin museum
is still under constructio, but it looks like they are going in the right
The George Coates Live Interactive Theater.  Performers send live signals
via CU-SeeMe to a multimedia theater in San Francisco.
They are just starting out, but you can get them on the Cornell reflector
Volvo's ad -- The copy seems to have been taken from their brochures, but they
do offer email feedback and the ability for the surfer to be placed on a
mailing list.
Data Security on the net -- Firewalls 'R Us..  A new company that provides
turnkey security as well as authorization and encryption.
Sega -- two versions targeted at dialup and ethernet access.  I expected at
bitmore flash from these guys, considering their corporate image.
Reminder form...  I keep hearing folks in the BU suggest we should offer (for
$) a reminder service.  There are several free services on the Internet.  Here
is one of them:
Vermont businesses on the Internet -- CyberMont
(excessive giffage)
Database Demos -- Oracle + WWW frontend.
Magellan GPS -- do you know where you are?
A part of their product line.

"Adult" replacement for a 900 line.  It looks like you use their software and
participate in the krusty side of the net.  It only runs on PCs, which is a
good ad for Unix boxes and Macs...
A Hawaii marketplace.  Very little at this time other than a fancy (physical)
location.  It would be interesting to see how businesses were signed up
(Kirby vaccuums, shoe fasteners,...)
Another list of companies on the Internet
The Pentium division bug homepage -- documents presented in chronological
BAGnet (bay area gigabit network) pages:
Arms and armor - chainmaile, uits of armor and table maces...
Leave your mark -- a graffiti Wall
Environmental education resources for K12
	[This link no longer live, 11/2012. -psl]
The Air Combat Command HQ WWW server -- no kidding!

Peace is our profession -- War is just a hobby...

The computational wind tunnel  -- numeric aerodynamic simulation


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