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20 Mar
Re: The M&M controversy

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 16:29:16 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: The M&M controversy

From: (Daniel Steinberg)

Well, i have you to thank for keeping me informed on the critical issues
of the times.  I was just down in LA where i happened to tune in a talk
radio show.  The radio host was entreating people to call in to tell how
much they hated the new M&M colors, and was recording the whole thing to
send to the Mars company.  Those who didn't call to agree with him said
that they were voting for blue.

Frankly, i think they should just ask OJ what color *he* wants and go
with that.

Oh, also invented a mondegreen [portmanteau?], in company with Erik Hoffman:
referring to the person who sits in the passenger seat and says things like,
  "That was the exit.  I *told* you to get in the right lane!"

       ... the Nagrivator (or is it 'Naggravator'?)

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