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20 Mar

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 22:32:04 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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From: WhiteBoard News for March 20, 1995

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

It wasn't exactly a Hollywood-style car chase -- unless maybe it came out
of the Police Academy movies.

Tourists at Vancouver's Stanley Park gaped Friday as thieves roared past in
a stolen station wagon.

Pursued by two cops on bicycles.

Followed by another one on a horse.

The chase started after police were tipped to two men trying to break into
cars in the parking lot of the Vancouver Aquarium, located at the park.

The suspects tried to flee before police closed in.  Officers from the cycle
squad, which patrols the park on mountain bikes, gave chase but went
cross-country when the car outdistanced them.

Behind them, the clip-clop of the park's horse-mounted officer.

Horsepower, the automotive kind, soon ended the chase.  A police cruiser
cut off the stolen car.  A small quantity of heroin was found and two men
were arrested.

Vienna, Austria:

A woman carried a fully calcified, 7 1/2-month-old fetus -- a so-called
"stone baby" -- in her womb for about 60 years, a British medical journal

The Lancet said the fetus was discovered after the 92- year-old woman went
to the hospital in Vienna, Austria.  She died a week after being admitted.

An X-ray was taken after doctors examining her found "a large abdominal mass
extending from the pelvis to the right upper abdomen."

Stone babies occur in about one in 250,000 pregnancies, but rarely remain
inside the mother for such a long time.  The body naturally forms calcium
on dead tissue that is too large to be absorbed into the body.

University of Vienna Medical School obstetricians said they determined the
woman became pregnant for a fourth time when she was 32.  The fetus
apparently died and became calcified.

Hollywood, California:

"You'll never see a crew move faster than if you say, 'I've got cramps.'"

Penny Marshall, movie director, and her sure-fire way of getting slackers
on a movie set to hop to it.

Washington, District of Columbia:

"This is by far the largest group of radio and television correspondents
ever assembled this far from a Los Angeles courtroom."

President Clinton, surveying the crowd of 1,600 at the Radio and Television
Correspondents' Association dinner last Tuesday.

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