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20 Mar
Vivian Stanshall Dies In Fire

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 23:39:32 PST
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Vivian Stanshall Dies In Fire

[Bad news, I'm afraid... -psl]

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From: "Mark Charlton" <>
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Subject:       Re: Great loss (Viv Stanshall)

According to yesterday's (Tues 7th) Guardian (and reproduced entirely
without permission):

Bonzo Dog leader, a true English eccentric, dies in bedroom blaze
(Written by John Mullin)

Vivian Stanshall,leader of the cult sixties pop and comedy group the
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, has died in a fire at his London home. He was

Stanshall, a thorough British eccentric, was found in the bedroom of
his flat in Muswell Hill on Sunday. Investigations are under way to
establish the cause of the fire. There will be an inquest.

He had recently signed a new recording contract with WEA. The aim was
to produce a follow-up recording of one of his more famous
characters, Sir Henry at Rawlinson End.

[end of extract]

In today's Guardian there is an obituary which says that Warners may
release the material which he has recorded since the contract was
signed in 1993. There is also an appreciation of Viv by Neil Innes.

"I don't give a toss what you have done with me when I've shuffled
off me mortal coil. Shove a bit of flex up my back passage, stick a
light bulb in my mouth and stand me in the hall." - Sir Henry.

Vivial Stanshall - March 21, 1943 - March 5, 1995. Sadly missed.

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 I loved that band, funny, smart, eclectic, often rocking.  I had breakfast
 with them once, but it was just a pleasant time, not a hint of zaniness.
 They had just finished a gig at the Boston Tea Party with the Grateful
 Dead.  Among his many distinctions, Vivian Stanshall was "the doodah man"
 of the Grateful Dead song "Truckin'".


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