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21 Mar
tv2nite review of Dan Cortese

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 03:16:32 PST
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Subject: tv2nite review of Dan Cortese

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TV Tonight, by Michael Nist, Editor
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Prime-Time TV for Monday, 20 March 1995
(plus late-night shows)


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Not an impressive evening, people. It's enough to
make you go outside and meet your neighbors.

Dan Cortese climbed rocks on MTV, went on to push
microwaved mystery meat in tragically unhip ads
for Burger King, eventually starred in a mega-bomb
detective show ... and finally went back to
climbing rocks on MTV. Now he gets another chance
at an acting career, as a regular on "Melrose
Place" (at least for the next few weeks). Say what
you will about Satan, he is showing remarkable
persistence in fulfilling his deal with Mr.


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