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27 Mar
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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 95 21:10:07 PST
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From: WhiteBoard News for March 27, 1995
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Virginia City, Nevada:

Jessi Winchester, a 52-year-old grandmother who entered
the Mrs. Nevada pageant, has raised eyebrows because
she's also a $500-an-hour prostitute at the Moonlight
Bunny Ranch.

Winchester, a former movie motorcycle stuntwoman,
already is "Mrs. Virginia City."  She entered the April
state pageant in Las Vegas to prove women "can still be
strong, vital and sexy" after age 50.

Her husband, Michael, encouraged her to work at a
brothel five years ago when he was hurt in a
construction accident.

Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada and does not
violate pageant rules.

Winchester, who has four grown children from a former
marriage, and two grandchildren, said she entered the
pageant to make a statement "that ladies in my
profession can be just as normal as women in other

Boston, Massachusetts:

It wasn't pennies from heaven.  It was dollars.
Thousands of dollars.

"There's money blowing all over the place," a passing
motorist told police Friday.

Bills littered both sides of the four-lane McLellan
Highway in a mixed commercial-residential corner of
East Boston.

By the time police arrived, nary a dollar was left.
No one has come forward claiming to have lost a large
amount of dough, nor has any that was taken been
turned in.

Hollywood, California:

"A friend told me to listen to my heart.  Another
friend told me to listen to my gut.  Maybe I need an
autopsy, because right now my colon is kind of iffy."

Paul Reiser, actor-comedian, on coping with a show-biz

Hollywood, California:

"He drove me nuts.  We were supposed to be doing all
these serious scenes on the telephone, and he would
purposely try to crack me up.  I'd be telling him that
a virus is sweeping America and millions will die, and
Dustin would whisper, 'So my little tart, are you

Rene Russo, "Outbreak" actress on being plagued by
prankster co-star Dustin Hoffman.

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