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3 Apr
Far Fig Newton?

Date: Mon,  3 Apr 95 18:00:28 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Far Fig Newton?

Forwarded-by: (Daniel Strick)

NATCHITOCHES, La. (AP) _ A man claims his German car told him to
kill an American-made one. His choice? A Chevrolet police car.
Simpson Williams Jr. lost control of his Mercedes Benz on
Tuesday and it struck a pole and fence, police said.
When a patrol car arrived to investigate, Williams rammed his
car into it and pushed it into a yard and garage.
Officers Brad Walker and Johnny Lewis said Williams told them
his car made him attack the American vehicle. The officers were
Williams, 42, was jailed without bond on charges of attempted
murder, driving while intoxicated and damage to property.

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