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4 Apr
Pizza Hut and Rush, together at last.

Date: Tue,  4 Apr 95 14:19:30 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Pizza Hut and Rush, together at last.

[Just what is the story with pizza chains, anyway?  After years of stories of
ultra-conservative activities at Domino's, now...  -psl]

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One of the nation's leading fast food chains has hired one of the nation's
leading bigots to serve as a company spokesbigot.  Pizza Hut's new
television campaign features none other than Rush Limbaugh.

In the Pizza Hut commercial, Limbaugh praises both the pizza and his ego.
Shown stuffing a pizza slice in his mouth, Limbaugh chats about his knack
for "always being right."

In a somewhat odd twist, Limbaugh has already used his own national TV
show to promote the Pizza Hut commercial.  He recently described, at
length, the ad's content and told his viewers to be on the look-out for
it.  Needless to say, Limbaugh has also offered glowing praise for Pizza
Hut, urging his fans to praise the company for having the "good sense" to
hire him.

When he's not busy pushing pizza, of course, Limbaugh is busy bashing
lesbians and gays, women, and people of color.  His radio and television
broadcasts are filled with homophobic misinformation and downright
ridicule.  During one broadcast of his TV show, for example, Limbaugh
derided a meeting of rural women, which took place on a farm.  These
women, Limbaugh said, were "mating with pigs" in order to "perpetuate
the species."

Fortunately, "operators are standing by" at Pizza Hut's corporate offices,
monitoring public response to the Limbaugh commercial.  Reports are being
filed on the basis of each telephone call.

Register your toll-free complaint by calling 1-800-358-2222.  You can also
write to Pizza Hut, Consumer Affairs, 2100 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 200,
Atlanta, GA 30339-5014.

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