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9 Apr
Two More Pieces o' PI

Date: Sun,  9 Apr 95 17:25:46 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Two More Pieces o' PI

From: <>

I once heard a long PI mnemonic in English, but my memory of it has eroded.
 It's close to the following, which doesn't match the digits in yours, but
perhaps someone else can get it closer.  I'm disturbed at having to drop an
"l" in compelling, I don't remember that there were misspellings besides

 Sir, I send a rhyme compeling in sacred text and rigid spelling. Numerical
 sprites elucidate to me the lexicon's full weight.  If nature gain, who can
 complain, tho Dr. Johnson fulminates?

[Yes, "compeling" doesn't fit very well with "rigid spelling" -- perhaps that
should be "swelling" instead of "spelling" -- kind of shifts the meaning... -psl]

From: (Richard E Crandall)

Well, now that someone mentions it, who could forget the Cal Tech cheer,
circa 1965, appropriate for one of the worst college football teams
in recorded history:

    "E-to-the-x du dx, E-to-the-x dx,
     Cotan secant tangent sine,
     three point one four one five nine."

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