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10 Apr
Yucks Digest V5 #11 Excerpts

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 95 11:55:18 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Yucks Digest V5 #11 Excerpts

Forwarded-by: (Gene "Chief Yuckster" Spafford)

Forwarded-by: (Charlie Shub)
Subject: Canadian Water

 	I noticed the other day that the first ingredient listed on my
 bottle of "Canadian Clear" water is "Canadian Water."

 	What's the chemical symbol for this, H2O-A?


Forwarded-by: (jeff vogel) (Crisper Than Thou) writes:
> come up with some problems with Exile and piss at Jeff about it awhile.

This post is not a blatant plug. I just want to point out that if the
standard response to a buggy program were to urinate on the coder, testing
would be done in a much more organized and efficent manner, and the world
would be a better place.

And I'm not even going to mention what walking around at Microsoft would
be like.


Forwarded-by: (mathew)
Subject: Girls of the Net

CHICAGO - A spokeswoman for Playboy Enterprises Inc. announced that
plans for a "Girls of the Net" feature have been cancelled.  "We were
very encouraged at first, after over 17,000 pictures were submitted,
but then it turned out that all but two hundred or so had been scanned
from previous issues of our own magazine."

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