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10 Apr
Re: The /bin/true awards.

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 95 22:13:41 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: The /bin/true awards.

From: Ben Herman <> (Greyshadow)

> My favorite has got to be /bin/true on many systems.  On most systems this
> is just an empty file, the size of the file is a good indication of the
> pinheadedness of the corporate legal department.

Dear Peter,
        Thank you for this most informative message....You see I copyrighted
my empty files as far back as 1979... admittedly these empty files were for
BASIC and Assembly programs I hadn't started writing yet and for Forth, APL
and Pascal programs which I hoped to someday write... but I do not think
this will weaken my case. I do not believe that simply changing the name of
my code to /bin/true and adding their own copyright to the code will help
them in court. These major corporations have stepped on us little guys too
long and should not be able to get away with such abuse.  First my poor
brother had to change his name from Bob, which took him 25 years to get
used to, to Elmer and now this.  We Have had enough.  We are determined to
have our day in court.   Unfortunately, I have been unable to raise enough
money for the legal fees, so if you would like to help out please send
money, cookies, or a female legal staff to:

        666 Burn'em Rd
        Hell, Va  10666-6661

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