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11 Apr
YANLPP (Yet Another Neuro-Linguistic Programming Pattern)

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 20:17:21 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: YANLPP (Yet Another Neuro-Linguistic Programming Pattern)

[Who know?  Maybe this would seem entirely commonplace if we only had a few
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			  Enervating a Dildo
			   I. Chris English

What follows is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming pattern for enervating a
dildo.  This can also be modified as a sex magick ritual for those so
inclined.  The intent of this pattern is to create an experience wherein
the wearer of a strap-on will *feel* a strap on dildo, respond to it as
though it were an extension of their own body, that is, their own meat
penis, and in many cases, come from it as well.

This pattern should be considered to be under alpha test.  I have personally
run this pattern at least 20 times, in various permutations, without fail.
If you are interested, please try it out, and let me know what sort of
results you have had.  Reporting results is important.  If you do, then I
can offer you personal clues about how to make it better.  And I will be
able to incorporate your feedback into the next revision of this document.
I am available as and I am more than interested in answering
any questions you might have about this procedure.  Please contact me.

The pattern is really quite simple and consists of four basic steps.  These
will be outlined and described in detail below.

Required materials:

* one dildo
* one partner interested in achieving this affect.
* one harness suitable for attaching the dildo in a more or less
  anatomically appropriate place on your partner.


Step #1: Opening.
Step #2: Create a VK synesthesia.
Step #3: Evoke an appropriate response pattern.
Step #4: Stimulate appropriately.


The steps in this pattern can be taken somewhat out of order and modified
to fit as is best for you and your partner.  I've listed them here in the
order that has worked best for me and my partners so far.  My best results
have been when I blurred the steps together somewhat, doing all of them
together, though focussing more on one and then on the next.  Play with this
somewhat and please let me know what works for you.

Step #1: Opening.

If you are familiar with hypnosis, then induce trance in your partner.  If
you are familiar with magick, then use whatever opening ritual you are
familiar with or works for you and your partner.  If you know of other
magickal or sexual anchors, use them.  Most of my work has been with
psychoactive ingestibles and hypnotic trance, but the Vortex has worked well
for me too.

Have your partner don the harness and dildo *after* the opening.  The effect
is stronger if they put stuff on out of your sight.  If the two of you
prefer, then you can turn your head for a few moments rather than having
one of you leave the room.

There's really only one trick here.  Move the dildo around a bit before you
tighten the harness completely.  When it's in the right place, you will
know.  It will sort of *click!* into place.  When you've found that place,
tighten the harness, and if you like, you can even cover it with underwear
and/or pants.  This can enhance the effect for both of you.  Dressing
completely male can also help, as can some role play in this role.

Note: if you plan to do some role playing before continuing, leave the
harness a little loose at this point and tighten it later.

Step #2: Create a VK synesthesia.

The word "synesthesia" means that one of our senses is getting mixed in and
"confused" with another.  In this case, things we see (visual, V), lead to
perceptions of feelings (kinesthetic sensation, K).

The basic idea is that since the dildo doesn't have nerves of its own, we
want to cross wire the nerves and perceptions of the wearer such that
anything they *see* happening to their adopted genitalia will be translated
into feelings for them.  This synesthesia is an effect of very light trance
and can often be started simply by putting on the harness and dildo.  The
opening ritual or trance induction can accentuate this, as can putting on
male clothing over the devices, role playing, acting male, thinking male,
etc.  Do whatever you know, whatever works for you, to get the wearer into
a mind space where the device becomes an attachment and augmentation of

This is the real heart of this pattern.  The trick is to notice, and
encourage your partner to notice, that sometimes we *feel* things that we
*see*.  That we can *see* something and *feel* a response to it.  That
sometimes seeing *is* feeling.  They really aren't that different and are
often easy to confuse.

Ever looked at something disgusting and simply felt sick?  Ever looked at
someone attractive and simply *felt* turned on?  Are there things that you
can see and just know are exciting you?  Love at first sight.  That sort of
thing.  There are for me.  Like certain hair styles, some lines of clothing,
some materials, boots, gloves, that sort of thing.  I see it, and I feel a
very visceral response.  Turn my head, see it, and up pops my interest.
Just that quick.

See something, feel something.  See, feel.  SeeFeel.  Good.  That's a VK
synesthesia.  It's the same mental processing pattern we need for this

Remind your partner.  Think of anything you can that involves feeling what
you are seeing.  Tell you partner about it.  Describe, in as much detail as
possible, what you see, and then how strongly you feel in response.  Ask
them about things that *they* see and feel in response.  The more you can
get them to feel what they are seeing, the stronger your results will be
with this pattern.

Step #3: Evoke an appropriate response pattern.

This step is easy.  Basically, you want to remind your partner that they
have, in the past, seen and felt how penises respond to stimulation.  *Some*
part of their brain, mind, body, and/or existence knows how they
respond.  They probably won't know consciously what will happen, but some
part of them will.  And they will know that they know.

Remind them.  Say, "Now you *know* how penises respond.  You've seen enough
of them in your life to know.  All of those responses are within you
*somewhere* and out of those memories, you are capable of finding your own
responses.  And you can do that now."

Step #4: Stimulate appropriately.

This step is a little more tricky.  Act as though you have a live, meat
penis in your hands, or mouth.  Treat it as one.  Love it.  Excite it.
*Enjoy* it.  Start slowly and gently, making *very* sure that your partner
is watching your every move and can see every little touch that you make.
A pillow under their head can make this easier and more relaxed.

Remember that your partner can hear everything you do too, and that this
can create AK (auditory/kinesthetic) synesthesias as well which can also
support the VK exercise.  Your partner also has live, physical nerves
directly under the dildo and these too can be used to create KK synesthesias
which can also support the primary VK cross wiring.  That is, one feeling
can lead to another and so on.  *grin*.

Start slowly and build up.  My best luck has been with very deliberate oral
stimulation while keeping one hand on the base of the penis.  This can also
serve to help keep you from choking yourself unnecessarily.  Try it for a
moment or two, and then ask.  "Is it more sensitive *here* or *here*?"  And
then use that information, as well as the feedback from your partner's body
language, hip motion, eye motion, facial expressions, etc,

And continue until you are both satisfied with the experience.

Most of all, have fun.  :-).  Enjoy.  And by all means, let me know how it


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