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13 Apr
Expecting a crowd for dinner?

Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 17:31:31 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Expecting a crowd for dinner?

Forwarded-by: elshaw@MIT.EDU (Libby Shaw)
From: jbredt@MIT.EDU

                Lemon Pie Filling

Isosweet (R) 5500 High Fructose Corn Syrup              18.6 lbs.
Lemon Oil                                                0.6 lbs.
Yellow #5 (1%)                                           0.1 lbs.
MIRA-GEL (R) 463 Corn Starch                             6.2 lbs.
Citric Acid                                              0.2 lbs.
Sugar, Granulated                                       12.4 lbs.
Water, Cold Tap                                         61.9 lbs.
Total ................................................ 100.0 lbs.

1.  Add syrup, coloring and flavor to a clean, dry basin and mix

2.  Hand stir starch and citric acid into syrup to avoid dusting.
        Then at low speed, powder mix to a smooth syrup.

3.  Continue mixing, and add water, pouring it quickly, into syrup.
        Scrape basin sides to insure thorough mixing.

4.  Add sugar and complete mixing.

5.  Pour into pie shell.  Slice and serve in 20-30 minutes.

( Information from Staley Co. product literature )

[But doesn't that 18.3 lb. pie shell upset the nice total weight?  -psl]

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