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14 Apr
Crash & Compile Party

Date: Fri, 14 Apr 95 02:18:44 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Crash & Compile Party

[Just in case you haven't already been invited... -psl]

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                     T H E  T H I R D  A N(N U)A L

              C R A S H  &  C O M P I L E  C O N T E S T

                       April 21st, 7pmish, SLO
               (the day before the Cal Poly Open House)

For the third time around the drunk punks will host the crash and compile
contest in San Luis Obispo! But, WHAT THE FUCK IS CRASH AND COMPILE, you
ask? Easy:

It's a programming/drinking contest, where teams of two people try to solve
as many problems as they can. The problems will be chosen from past *real*
programming contests, and are going to require some skill in writing
programs and reading problem specifications. Check out for a copy of the problems that we used last year. All
programs will be written in C or C++. No tr, yacc, lexx, system() calls,
shell scripts or any of the like. C or C++. Deal with it or be sober!

Now comes the twist: For every time you compile the program and it fails
to compile without errors OR warnings, you have to take a drink. For
every time the program fails to produce correct output, you take a drink.
For every time the program crashes (seg fault or soft reboot) you take
TWO drinks. On shitty OSes, every time the program locks the machine hard,
you drink THREE times. If the reset key doesn't work, you drink FOUR times.
If another team finishes the program before you, you drink LOTS!

There will be several programs during the contest. How many we do is
determined by how close we stick to the rules. I want to emphasise that
this contest is a DRINKING CONTEST, rather than a programming contest.
If you want to have fierce competition and prove that you are the best
programmer, fuck off. Three person teams working on a laptop in the corner
(Read: Trev, Sides and Jim) are not welcome!

If you like beer and want to have fun, come join us.

This is not limited to CSC majors. Anyone is welcome. If you can't
program, prepare to get hammered, but you're welcome anyway. So, what's
left? Well, in order to participate you need the following:

  o A computer with a C compiler. A PC with Borland is perfectly suited
    for this.
  o Aspirin.
  o A designated driver.
  o An extension cord. A powerstrip with a fuse is best.
  o A brain.
  o A few bucks spare change. Be prepared to dole out $10-$15.
  o A seating implement. Seats are going to be *real* short.

What you don't need:

  o Beer. We'll have a keg of good beer. (We had Warsteiner and Pilsner
	 Urquell in past two years)
  o A stick up your ass.

It is important that you bring all the required materials. Just picture
30 people trying to boot machines in one house. You'll understand. If
you don't like beer, you can bring some other inebriating substance,
that will put you at our babbling equivalence. Mob rule determines if
a particular inebriating substance qualifies you to compete.

So, where the HELL is this party? Well, fill out the registration form
below, and I will mail all registered people details of the location.
Info about the location has not been finalized, but I'll also post it
when I do find out for sure.

Last but not least, if some poor, deranged soul wants to volunteer to cook
some pasta or something, I'm sure you'll have many grateful, blathering
fools who'd appreciate it!

This event is not in any shape or form associated with Cal Poly. Any
people participating take responsibilty for their own actions. Designated
drivers and/or car key collection enforced.

Fill out the form and mail back to Finger for a list of registered teams. Check out for a copy of the problems that we
used last year.

Registration Form: C&C Party April 21st, SLO, CA

Team #: _________ (69 is taken!)

Team Fool Name 1: _______________________ email: _______________________
Team Fool Name 2: _______________________ email: _______________________
        Bra Size: _______________________

     Team Name: ________________________________________ (Required)

Last year this flyer went all the way to Finland, and managed to piss of
a bunch of people on a mailing list. Let's hope that we can top last

Thanks for the Holsten Brauerei AG, Hamburg and Sam Adams Brewery, Boston
for their help in creating this message.

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