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14 Apr
Weirdness #373

Date: Fri, 14 Apr 95 13:24:35 PDT
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Subject: Weirdness #373

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.373 (News of the Weird, March 31, 1995)
by Chuck Shepherd

* In November, firefighters near Portland, Ore., were called to rescue a
woman and her two kids, who were trapped upside down in an Alfa Romeo as a
result of a one-car crash.  The woman interrupted the extrication--by the
"jaws of life" tool--in order to take a call on her car phone.  Said a
rescuer, "It was unbelievable.  She's hanging partially out of her vehicle,
and she proceeds to have an argument with her husband about where she is."
[Oregonian, 11-17-94]

* According to police in Circleville, Ohio, in December, Elaine Pope fired
one shot at ex-husband Charles R. Pope, hitting him in the chest as he
slept, and would have fired several more times had the gun not jammed.
According to a detective, Pope then woke up, was unaware that he had been
shot, and tried to get Mrs. Pope to have sex with him.  Mrs. Pope declined,
saying, "I just shot you." [Columbus Dispatch, Dec94]

* In August, Sanford, Fla., judge Newman Brock picked up hair clippers and
went to the local Seminole County Jail for his regular biweekly haircut from
his longtime hairstylist Rick Thrower, who was serving 45 days for DUI
violations.  Said Thrower, "[The judge is] a very loyal customer." [Orlando
Sentinel, 8-5-94]

* Michael E. Marcum, 21, was arrested for theft of six 350-pound power
company transformers in Stanberry, Mo., in January.  Marcum said he needed
the transformers for the "time machine" he was building.  He said he wanted
to transport himself into the future a few days, find out the winning
lottery numbers, and then return to buy a ticket. [St. Joseph News-Press,

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