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17 Apr
Re: Net Nanny

Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 16:12:08 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: Net Nanny

From: C. L. Anonymous <anon@no.such.address>

> It prevents certain words and phrases (inputted by you) from being received
> or sent by your computer

Wow!  I can't wait to watch these parents sit around the computer one day
trying to imagine every phrase they don't want their kids to see:

"Honey, did you put 'fuck' in the config file?"    "Yes".
"How about cunt, shit, and 'suck my dick'?"        "Check."
"Ooh, honey, what about 'suck my big dick'?"       "Oops."

From: (Mark Seiden)

that's funny, i was just thinking about a product like that, 
but i named it "Adolf Filter".

This could be a real money-maker if handled right.
Think of the update possibilities!

  NEW! Adolf Filter Version 12.4306A --- $49.95

	Detects ALL specified words in TWELVE new patterns:

	F U C K		F  U  C  K	F   U   C   K
	F-U-C-K		F--U--C--K	F---U---C---K
	F*U*C*K		F**U**C**K	F***U***C***K
	F.U.C.K		F..U..C..K	F...U...C...K

  Order A. F. Version 12.4306AXX ($999.95) to receive all 4,923 patterns
recognized by Versions 12.0 through 12.4306A

  Coming soon:
	Version 12.4306B - 18 patterns from popular unix banner programs
	Version 12.4306C - rot-13 and 3 other common encryptions

not to mention the custom modules possible...


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