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20 Apr
Re: Net Nanny (2)

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 01:18:39 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: Net Nanny (2)

[Warning: adults or others unused to the speech of grade-school children may
find some parts of the following documentary offensive...  (I guess that
assures everyone will read it.)  -psl]

 Forwarded-by: (Daniel Steinberg)
 Subject: Re: Net Nanny

> > It prevents certain words and phrases (inputted by you) from being
> > received or sent by your computer

Funny, this reminds me of a joke my nephew told me just this morning:

A first-grade teacher asks her class to thinks of words beginning with
each letter of the alphabet:
  "Now, class, who can think of a word beginning with 'A'?"

Several students raise their hands, including Timmy who says:
  "I can! I can! Call on me! Oooh, please call on me!"

Now, Timmy has a notoriously dirty mouth, and the teacher assumes that any
word he would come up with would be unsuitable.  So she calls on Nancy.
  "Very good, Nancy.  'Apple' starts with an 'A'.  Now who can think of
   a word that starts with 'B'?"

In the back of the room, Timmy's hand shoots up and he cries:
  "Me! Me! I got a word! Call on me!"

And so it goes.  Timmy begs to be called on for every letter, and the
teacher studiously avoids him until she gets to the letter 'R'.  Again,
Timmy's hand shoots up, but this time nobody else in the class volunteers.

   "Can't anyone else think of a word beginning with 'R'?"

Finally, she realizes she must call on Timmy and, since she can't immediately
think of any particularly bad words that start with 'R', she cautiously says:

   "Yes, Timmy?"

She sighs with relief.

   "Very good, Timmy.  'Rat' starts with the letter 'R'."
   "Yeah!  A great big fucking rat with a dick this long!"

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