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20 Apr
More amore

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 01:49:10 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: More amore

From: <>

>Got a guy in my class, an Hispanic with sass--that's some Jorge!
>Yurg, Chip

Or the classical version:

"While admiring a vase, if there's two in your face...that's amphorae!"


I think I first started playing this game in a Soc-Anthro class in college when
we were studying ethics and mores and someone made the fatal mistake of asking
what the difference was...

  If a custom you find, one that fits your group mind,
	... that's a more.

So I still like the abscure ones:

  When a Mossi is heard say some Congolese word,
	... that's some More'.
[That's an eccent over the e - "MorƯ" looks right on my machine... ]

as well as the more prosaic type:

  If s/he does 'round the world, without mussing a curl,
	... that's some whore, eh?


  When you're making goat cheese, what you get when you squeeze,
	... that's some more whey.


  If you add all the worst, then divide by the first,
	... that's sum o'er A.

[BZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!  Sorry, buddy, that last one goes just a bit too far...]

From: <>

  If your gonads get creamed by uranium beams...
	... that's some ore ray.

Forwarded-by: (Lani Herrmann)
From: (Jennifer L Michael)

 And how about...

 When the thing we all do seems both normal and true, that's a more!

[Jenny's is better than my 30-year-old try for the same gag... -psl]

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