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26 Apr
WhiteBoard News Excerpts 4/26/95

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From: WhiteBoard News for April 26, 1995

New York, New York:

Here are some of the losers in the 9to5 organization's annual bad-boss
contest: a company president who made his administrative assistant provide
her urine for his annual drug test; a restaurant manager who told a waitress
to wax the hair on his back.

The winners: a marketing manager who had his administrative assistant
assemble a sexual device for him, and an assistant who had to put her boss's
dog, Mitzi, to sleep.

San Francisco, California:

Doctors have figured out what they think every man wants to know: How big
is a "normal" penis?

By measuring a sample of 60 men, researchers at the University of
California, San Francisco, determined that the "average" penis is 5.1 inches
long and 4.9 inches in girth when erect.

The study was prompted by concern over the growing number of clinics
offering penis enlargement surgery, which some experts say is dangerous.
Most men fall within the normal range, the researchers say, and only about
2% of men are actually candidates for such surgery.

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