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29 Apr
Principled Whether Man

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 15:36:13 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Principled Whether Man

[I guess God can also move in pretty obvious ways...  -psl]

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  From the 4/29/95 San Francisco Chronicle:

Forecaster Fired -- Predicted Rain

Los Angeles (Reuters).  A radio weather forecaster who predicted rain for
a Rush Limbaugh event ran into a storm of opposition from station management
and was fired for not altering his forecast, according to the Los Angeles
    Forecaster Sean Boyd was quoted in yesterday's editions of the Times
as saying he had been fired by his boss at KMJ, one of the top three markets
in the country for Limbaugh's syndicated morning show, after he refused to
change his weather forecast of a chance of rain for an outdoor function
honoring the conservative commentator.
    Boyd's prediction was for April 15, the date of the second annual
Dittohead Barbecue and Politically Incorrect Picnic at the fairgrounds in
Madera, California.
    The central California event was organized by KMJ, whose news and talk
format is used to pound President Clinton and anyone else it considers to
be a liberal.
    Boyd told the Times his boss asked him to ``fudge'' his forecast by
predicting a greater possibility of sunshine rather than a chance of rain,
as the latter might keep people away from the event.
    Al Smith, KMJ's general manager, said Boyd's firing was the result of
a buildup of things.
    On the day, Boyd had the last word, the heavens opened and it poured,
the Times said.

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