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3 May
From the "I'll have what he's having" department...

Date: Wed,  3 May 95 14:06:45 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: From the "I'll have what he's having" department...

[Or from the "methinks the industry doth protest too much" department.
 Repeat after me:
	Nixon is not a crook.
	Cigarettes are not addictive.
	No one in the brewing industry promotes abuse.
	There is no such thing as moderate use of marijuana.
	Yes, I would like to buy that bridge in New York...

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Apparently, this is from an actual Anheuser-Busch poster.

                        YES, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

BEER                                  vs. ILLEGAL DRUGS
Beer is a legal beverage, which,    | On the other hand, marijuana, crack,
consumed in moderation, is          | cocaine, and heroin are illegal
consistent with a healthy lifestyle.| substances that are destructive to the
In fact, a number of scientific     | user's health regardless of the
studies have associated moderate    | frequency of use.
beer consumption with healthy       |
benefits, including a reduction in  |
the risk of cardiovascular disease  |
- an issue that deserves further    |
study.                              |
Beer is produced by a legal,        | Crack, cocaine and heroin are produced
strictly regulated industry that    | by a totally-unregulated industry that
employs hundreds of thousands of    | pays no taxes and makes no positive
Americans, provides billions of     | contribution to society or our economy.
dollars annually in state and       |
federal taxes and directly          |
contributes $44 billion to the      |
American economy each year.         |
Beer is almost always consumed as a | Marijuana, crack, cocaine and heroin
refreshent.                         | are used to radically alter the normal
                                    | physical and emotional state.
The vast majority of beer drinkers  | There is no such thing as responsible or
consume beer responsibly and        | moderate use of marijuana, crack,
moderately.                         | cocaine amd heroin.
Brewers spend literally millions of | On the other hand, the marijuana, crack,
dollars annually sponsoring a       | cocaine and heroin industry does
variety of public education programs| everything in its power to promote
that promote responsible            | illegal use, abuse, and addiction,
consumption of alcoholic beverages. | particularly among our youth.
These programs are working.         |
The brewing industry continually    | The illegal drug industry recruits
funds educational programs designed | children from schoolyards to be users
to prevent underage persons from    | and sellers. High school-age children
drinking and to teach them about    | are a primary target of drug dealers,
the proper role of alcohol in our   | whose objective is addiction.
society.                            |

There is nothing inherently wrong with our product. Beer is a wholesome
beverage that can add to the quality of life when consumed in moderation, as
intended. No one in the brewing industry promotes abuse. We do everything in
our power to ensure that beer plays a positive role in our society and it is
used responsibly.

                   Beer: A Good Part of the Good Life.

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