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4 May
If the Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword, What's Mightier Than the Handgun?

Date: Thu,  4 May 95 14:40:01 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: If the Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword, What's Mightier Than the Handgun?

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Arielle F Kagan ( wrote:

> Yes.  Get training.  If you must carry a deadly weapon around with
> you, know how to use it.  Know how NOT to use it.  Know what to do
> if you DO  use it.

James W Russell ( wrote:

> from the point of view of self defense, has anyone recently considered
> the trusty ball point pen?  I prefer the Mount Blanc, though a Papermater
> will suffice in a real pinch.   From the graphite side of the house, we
> have the trusty Dixon Ticonderoga in a soft number 2, and my personal
> favorite for the last two years (I bought in bulk), the FaberCastell
> American Naturals number 2 in a natural wood grain.  When employed
> properly at close range, they can be as effective as your favorite
> Gerber baby blade, or pocket special.

 Kenneth G Bircher ( wrote:

>         Can't beat 'em for reliability, but I wouldn't wanna have to
> resharpen in a stressfull situation.
>         I recently bought a cheap pocket auto in .05mm,
> it hold plenty o' lead, has a good grip and is reasonably accurate,
> but the durn thing keeps jamming.  The dealer says I must not be
> holding it correctly, then tries to sell me on moving up to something
> with a bigger bore.  If I'm limp-wristing a .05mm, how is moving to
> a .07mm gonna help?  Any suggestions?

Shawn C. Masters ( wrote:

>    Yeah, you need to go to a High pressure round.  They have the letters
> HP on the side of the box and are sold by Pentel.

Christian Smith ( wrote:

> Shawn's right.  Usually jamming of this sort (with novice .05mm users)
> occurs because of load breakage.  Moving up to a .07mm model can fix this
> problem.  However, you do pay some penalties in my opinion.  First, your
> going to loose penetration power.  That larger bore model just isn't going
> to penetrate as smoothly.  Second, accuracy.  Me, I'm a precision man, so
> I don't use anything other than .05mm.  I did purchase a .03mm model on a
> trial basis at one point but considerde to be rather effeet.
> Try moving to a harder load first, and if that doesn't solve the problem
> than .07mm may be your only choice.

Kenneth G Bircher ( wrote:

> Thanks for good advice from Shawn and Christian.  A couple more
> questions...
> I've been just sticking it in my pocket with only the clip and butt
> exposed.
>         (1) Is this considered a concealed carry?
>         (2) Is this carry provide enough stability for my 0.5mm,
> or do I need one of those rigs from PocketProtector (tm)?
>         (3) Is it ok to carry with lead in the chamber?  If I ever
> need it in a tight spot, I don't want to have to stop to work the
> mechanism before it's ready to go.
>         What do you think?

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